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Kim Rennie
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2570V S270KRX
2572M T472JLD

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Details: A Central Line train derailed in the tunnel near Mile End on Thursday 5th July 2007 and the emergency services were out in force. This view shows an unusual angle on the two types of ERU truck (represented by Volvo 2570V and Mercedes-Benz 2572M) and also includes a VW van with markings for LUL. A close-up of this vehicle can be found here. ERU Ford Transit 5862F is just visible, as are various specialised vehicles of the London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service.

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Kim RennieNote the rather shabby condition of the ERU vehicles, most unusual for the CDS' fleet and perhaps indicating that replacement is imminent.Mon 16/07/2007, 14:59
Kim RenniePS - the derailment was on the 5th, not 6th!Mon 16/07/2007, 15:00
Thomas YoungDoh! Thanks Kim. I will update the captions pronto. However, I was going by the 'date picture taken' on your excellent photographs...
Ref the dirty vans, the replacements were reportedly due from early summer so you're probably right. Tom
Mon 16/07/2007, 19:36
Kim RennieYes - every time I speak to one of the ERU duty managers at work I ask if any of the new Atego vehicles have arrived yet and so far have always got the same negative answer. I'm interested in what the livery application will be - one odd rumour has suggested they'd be red - surely not, although this was of course a perfectly normal LT breakdown vehicle colour scheme for many years.Mon 16/07/2007, 20:48