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Name:Christopher Platt
Joined:Mon 13/02/2006, 11:05
Comments:I am 51 years old and have been interested in buses and coaches, etc, since my mum used to park me outside our house in my pram in Manchester. She said it was the only way she could keep me quiet.

I have worked in the industry since 1974 when I became a stores clerk at the Frenchwood headquarters of Ribble. I stayed with Ribble until made redundant by Stagecoach in 1992. I then worked for Jarvis and Turner (t/a Blue Bus & Coach Services) of Horwich from 1992 - 2000. Just before Christmas 2000 we moved as a family to Orkney and since January 2001 I have been with the Orkney Coaches subsidiary of Rapsons.

I have always had an interest in LT, and used to travel twice a month from Chorley to London using the overnight Friday service, returning overnight Saturday. At one point back in 1972/73 I was co-owner of RTW429 (LLU 579) which we attempted to preserve in OK Motor Services livery.

Prior to moving to Orkney I was mainly a 'bus' man, mainly taking photographs of service buses and ignoring coaches. Since moving to Orkney I have discovered the error of my ways!

As well as collecting photographs and tickets, I am now getting more involved in the historical side of things.