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Name:Oxford Circus Offices
NotesData Processing 
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DamonDistrict Superintendants' Offices Railways - Central Line located here by 1949Sat 14/12/2013, 18:35
Damon OXFORD CIRCUS HOUSE, 245 Oxford Street W1R 1LF: Rolling Stock Engineer (Railways)- ''D'' Division. ''D'' Division Office - railways 1961. New Works Engineer (Fleet Line Office) by 1972-1973. Construction Engineer (Fleet Line Office) by 1973-1974. Methods Engineer (Civil Engineering) by 1972-1974. Planning Engineer (New Works) by 1975. Accountant (costs)by 1976. OPAL/EMG Project Team 1987?-1989? LT (CRS) Employee Friendly Society 1987?-1990? LT (Railways) Friendly Society 1987?-1990? Central Line Offices by 1992-1996. Central Line Traffic Controllers by 1992. Thu 12/12/2013, 19:56
DamonI believe Newman Street was a data processing centre at some stage maybe 1960's when a desktop computer was about the same size as a Routemaster. The L.G.O.C. had a training school in Newman Street although the location is not certain as the offices leased by London Transport were a later re-build from the 1960' or 1970's. The training school moved to Chiswick in about 1930 together with the other training school at Millman's Street, Chelsea (former London Road Car Company premises). There was also a training school at Camberwell in L.G.O.C. days although I'm not sure if this was at the bus garage. Another building in Newman Street was occupied by British Trasnport Advertising.
Note: Edited by Damon, 05/01/14, 20:47.
Thu 12/12/2013, 19:47
Damon 58-62 Newman Street W1P 4LL: Data Processing Department by 1982-1985. Data Networks PLC (LRT) by 1987. Safety and Quality Directorate (LRT) by 1993. Northern Line Offices LUL by 1995-1997.
Note: Edited by Damon, 05/01/14, 20:41.
Thu 12/12/2013, 19:45
Damon Western House, 237/9 Oxford Street W1R 1AB: Travelling Ticket Inspectors Offices by 1949. LT Benevolent Fund. LT (country Buses & Coaches) Friendly Society. LT (Railways) Friendly Society. Traffic Controllers (country buses and coaches)by 1957-1971. Central District Office (Country Buses and Coaches) by 1949. Traffic Controllers (Green Line coaches) 1972-1981. Works & Buildings Area Office (Eastern) by 1966. ''D'' Division Office - railways by 1962-1972. Divisional Offices Central by 1972-1977. Victoria Line Offices LUL by 1990.
Note: Edited by Damon, 14/12/13, 19:37.
Thu 12/12/2013, 19:44
RayThe Works & Building Department Area Offices were at Western House, 237 Oxford Street. 01-437 6473. This also housed a Divisional Office (Railways) 01-734 1324 and Green Line control for central London.
Note: Edited by Ray, 24/11/09, 20:44.
Sat 23/06/2007, 22:30

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