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Early uses of Aldenham
Sun 01/12/13, 17:05
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Aldenham Works was first intended to be a train depot for an extension to the Northern Line. During WW2 it was requisitioned for use as an aircraft manufacturing factory. It eventually reopened as a bus overhaul works in 1955. However, there is evidence it was at least partly used by LT before this. I haven't yet looked at pre-1948 records, but the following have come up:

Leyland Cub 182C was transferred there for the Works Manager on 05/05/1948.
Ford lorry 479F was transferred there upon withdrawal from Lillie Bridge on 14/02/1949. Many other redundant vehicles followed, many spending a few days here prior to moving to Walthamstow (Ferry Lane) for storage pending disposal.
New vehicles seem to first appear in 1949. AEC Regent 741J was here when first converted from STL42 on 30/03/1949. Was the work perhaps done here? Later that year a few new vehicles were first delivered to Aldenham (such as 789F on 16/08/1949), though most continued to go to Chiswick.

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Early uses of Aldenham
Wed 04/12/13, 14:52
Thanks Ray, I think this one can be closed now.

Wikipedia says
Sun 01/12/13, 17:38
Although Aldenham had dealt with new vehicles and accident repairs from about 1945 it did not start full scale overhauling of bus bodies until 1949/50 and until 1955 chassis' were still dealt with at Chiswick