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NumberRegDescriptionChassis No.Body No.
833J JJ4376 AEC Regent 7-ton Auxiliary Breakdown Tender  6612304 9558 

Into Stock06/09/1950 Licensed fromn/a 
FromChassis ex bus STL159 
Out of Stock 22/08/1966 Licensed untiln/a 
ToMr D T Bosher, Northolt 
Allocation n/a 

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Photograph in 'London Transport Buses & Coaches 1951' (Hambley)Ray24/02/2009
Photograph in 'London's City Buses' (Ian Allan)Ray26/02/2009
Photograph in 'London Transport Service Vehicles' (Capital Transport)Ray27/02/2009
Photograph in SUP15 (LOTS1978)Ray28/02/2009
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Photo at
Photo at


00/06/1933New into stock   ex AEC (as STL-type bus) Estimate 
00/06/1948withdrawn as bus Slough Garage   Ian's Bus Stop 
06/09/1950Converted and renumbered Chiswick Works n/a ex bus chassis STL159 fitted with new Breakdown Tender body by Chalmers LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
01/05/1952Transferred (unlicensed) Cricklewood Garage n/a ex Chiswick LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
01/01/1953Licensed and transferred Tottenham Garage  RSE (RS) ex Cricklewood. GTP 021GT on. Listed as being Relicensed LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
19/05/1953Transferred Barking Garage  n/a ex Tottenham. GTP 021GT LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
26/04/1955Modified Barking Garage  RSE (RS) Petrol to Oil LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
01/10/1955Delicensed and transferred North Street (Romford) Garage Stored ex Barking, RSE (RS). GTP 021GT off and surrendered LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
11/07/1956Transferred (unlicensed) Chiswick Works Stored ex North Street, Stored LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
05/10/1956Relicensed and transferred Hammersmith Trolleybus Depot  RSE (RS) ex Chiswick, Stored. Replacement for 124A. GTP 659GF on LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
01/10/1959Withdrawn and transferred Riverside (Hammersmith) Garage Stored ex Hammersmith, RSE (RS). GTP 659GF off and surrendered LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
01/01/1960Relicensed and transferred Lillie Bridge Depot  Signal Engineer (Gp.1) ex RSE (RS) Stored LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
23/09/1964Delicensed and transferred Works n/a ex Lillie Bridge, Signals Engineer (Gp.1). Replaced by 417J. Listed on 02/10/1964 LT Variation Sheets 
04/02/1965Relicensed and transferred Lillie Bridge Depot  Signal Engineer (Gp.1) ex Works LT Variation Sheets 
15/12/1965Delicensed Lillie Bridge Depot Signal Engineer (Gp.1) Replaced by 738J LT Variation Sheets 
18/02/1966Relicensed Lillie Bridge Depot  Signal Engineer (Gp.1) Replacement for 738J. Listed on 23/02/1966 LT Variation Sheets 
01/07/1966Delicensed Lillie Bridge Depot Signal Engineer (Gp.1)  LT Variation Sheets 
07/07/1966Transferred (unlicensed) Works n/a ex Lillie Bridge. Listed on 13/07/1966 LT Variation Sheets 
22/08/1966Sold n/a  n/a ex Works LT Variation Sheets 

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