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NumberRegDescriptionChassis No.Body No.
830J AXM649 AEC Regent 7-ton Auxiliary Breakdown Tender  6612610 9555 

Into Stock24/03/1950 Licensed from00/03/1934 
FromChassis ex bus STL390 
Out of Stock 05/11/1980 Licensed until31/01/2019 
ToLT Museum Collection 
Allocation n/a 

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Preserved at LT MuseumThomas Young19/02/2009
Photograph published in LBM145Ray23/02/2009
Photograph in 'London Transport Service Vehicles' (Capital Transport)Ray27/02/2009
photo at (although wrongly stating ex STL43) Ray24/07/2010
Photograph at
Photo at


00/04/1934New into stock   ex AEC (as STL-type bus) Estimate 
00/06/1948withdrawn as bus Windsor Garage   Ian's Bus Stop 
24/03/1950Converted and renumbered Aldenham Works n/a ex bus chassis STL390 fitted with new breakdown tender body by Chalmers LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
20/07/1950Transferred (unlicensed) Cricklewood Garage RSE (RS) ex Aldenham LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
08/08/1950Licensed and transferred Riverside (Hammersmith) Garage  RSE (RS) ex Cricklewood. GTP 017GH on. Replacement for 219U LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
17/11/1954Modified Riverside (Hammersmith) Garage  RSE (RS) Petrol to Oil LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
13/06/1956Transferred Cricklewood Garage  n/a ex Riverside. Replacement for 737J LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
07/06/1960Change of registration Cricklewood Garage  n/a GTP 017GH off and surrendered, 972GH on LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
by01/09/1972Allocated to Cricklewood Garage  Mechanical Engineer (Rolling Stock - Buses) (Gp.1)  LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Register (as date) 
by01/01/1974Allocated to Cricklewood Garage  Mechanical Engineer (Rolling Stock - Buses) (Gp.1)  LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Register (as date) 
by01/10/1975Allocated to Cricklewood Garage  Mechanical Engineer (Rolling Stock - Buses) (Gp.1)  LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Register (as date) 
21/06/1976Delicensed and transferred Works n/a ex Cricklewood. Shown as a pencilled addition to Variation Sheet LT Variation Sheets 
31/01/1977Change of registration Cricklewood Garage  Mechanical Engineer (Rolling Stock - Buses) (Gp.1) Delicensed as Goods and fitted with TP 305LA LT Variation Sheets 
by05/1978Allocated to Cricklewood Garage  Rolling Stock Engineer (Buses) (Gp.1) Docked at Stockwell LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Register (as date) 
05/11/1980Sold Unknown  n/a ex Works. To LT collection. Non-contiguous LT Variation Sheets 

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DatePlaceCommentsPosted By
13/09/2014Acton (LT Museum Depot) Ray
16/03/2014Acton (LT Museum Depot) nem001200
08/10/2011Acton (LT Museum Depot)Ray
16/10/2010Acton (LT Museum Depot)Thomas Young
13/03/2010Acton (LT Museum Depot)Ray
02/11/2008Acton (LT Museum Depot)don't think the poor thing has moved for a while Damon
04/03/2007Acton (LT Museum Depot)Ray
03/03/2007Acton (LT Museum Depot)same spot as last time Damon
27/05/2006Acton (LT Museum Depot)here whilst Covent Garden Museum is refurbished John Lloyd-Martin
21/05/2006Acton (LT Museum Depot)Damon
04/06/2005Acton (LT Museum Depot)Damon
14/07/2001Acton (LT Museum Depot)K. PLY
06/08/2000LingfieldVehicle Rally Damon
20/05/1989Covent GardenLT Museum Damon
00/00/1964? Steve Howard

Date Added to Database
08/07/2018Licensing date/s updated Ray
19/09/2012Improved date in Thomas Young