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Updates and changes to this website (most recent first)
12/06/2020: The site went 'live' last weekend and has now been tested, tweaked and titivated. There are still a further 10,000 documents yet to be catalogued and added but I think I need to take a break from this and try to catch up with some of my other projects. Please do get in touch (using the Contact Us button above) if you have any comments or suggestions.
07/06/2020: So I evidently did not make my aim of launching on 1st June. Design work is now 98% complete and I am doing final tests, tweaks and validation checks. It is also rather surprising how long it can take to upload 30,000 documents! Launch should be in the next week or so.
29/05/2020: As well as getting the site ready for launch, I have also added a further set of 1,603 documents. A bit of a mixed bag, this includes some memos, documents about vehicle sales and miscellaneous vehicles, yet more Aldenham overhaul records and details of the throughput at BEL in 1987. The most significant additions are Variations in Rolling Stock for the first half of 1990 and the first three months of 1995. These complete the LT variation sheets and take the overall file count to 30,015. Among the 10,000 or so documents that remain to be added, the only variation sheets are those for LCBS from 1981 to 1986.
25/05/2020: With about three quarters of the file collection now added to the database, I figured it was time to get on with completing the design of the web pages to display them, plus other pages to provide background information and guidance to users. I have also started the large job of uploading the image files to the production server. All being well, the site is planned to go live on Monday 1st June 2020.
02/05/2020: Another 2,427 documents have been added over the past few days, bringing the total up to 28,412. Latest additions include LCBS documents for 1975 to 1980, LT Variation Sheets for 1988/1989 and more overhaul documents from the years 1963-1966.
28/04/2020: A further 4,214 documents have been added since the last update. These include 'Buses Overhauled and Delivered' sheets for the years 1950 to 1962, 'Advice of Body and Chassis Changes' sheets for various years between 1965 and 1984, LCBS Variations and memos for 1971 to 1974 and LT/LBL Variations for 1986/1987 and 1990 to 1994.
05/04/2020: Overhaul documents for 1962 to 1964 have been added, along with Advice of Body Changes for 1961 to 1964. The total number of documents in the database is now 21,771.
04/04/2020: Variation sheets for 1986 (up to the changeover to computer printouts in November) have been added, along with Overhaul documents for 1961.

Files added to this website

Month/Year Files Added Cumulative Total
November 2019 2,260 2,260
December 2019 5,024 7,284
January 2020 3,660 10,944
February 2020 1,852 12,796
March 2020 7,817 20,613
April 2020 7,568 28,181
May 2020 1,834 30,015