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LTSV-LTA in words

LTSV LT Archive is a collection of scans of London Transport documents from the period 1944-1994. Most of the documents are concerned with the road vehicle fleet (buses and service vehicles, with some coverage of trolleybuses).The scans were originally done by John Marshall several years ago, and although of generally low quality, they provide a uniquely detailed view of changes to the vehicle fleets during the period.

The original collection included just over 40,000 images (some documents had several pages). Work to add all of these is still ongoing, and the current situation is shown in the box on the right.

LTSV-LTA in numbers

Document type Quantity
Variations in Rolling Stock 19,700
Buses Overhauled and Delivered 2,550
Advice of Body and Chassis Changes at Overhaul 1,920
Memorandum 1,598
LCBS Variations in Rolling Stock 1,172
Daily Statement of Finishing Line Output 1,079
Overhauls 384
LCBS Memorandum 372
Misc Vehicle Registers 330
Variations in Licensed Fleet 290
BEL Advice of Vehicles Received/Despatched 269
Scheduled Bus Position 153
Vehicle Sales 142
Variations in Bus Requirements 51
Other 5
Total 30,015

Latest news

12/06/2020: The site went 'live' last weekend and has now been tested, tweaked and titivated. There are still a further 10,000 documents yet to be catalogued and added but I think I need to take a break from this and try to catch up with some of my other projects. Please do get in touch (using the Contact Us button above) if you have any comments or suggestions.