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6th January 1951 was the end of Clapham trams as well some routes at Brixton (16/18 remained). It could be 352R is involved in preparatory work around the area.Sat 04/12/2021, 13:49
Thanks. I can see it now!! The big building behind is in fact 2 buildings that appeared to merge into one.Thu 18/11/2021, 23:34
The frontage of Watford Leavesden Road has been incorporated into a new deveopment called Leavesden Lodge. Here's a link to the brochure prepared at the time: Worth a look for those not aware of it is the Garages page on Jonathan Wilkin's site: Apparently some of the boundary wall of Addlestone still stands. It is also worth noting that the former Eastern National garage in South Street, Bishops Stortford, which was used by National to run Northern Country Area services, still survives. Ironically it is used by National Tyres and Autocare: See also Google maps here:,0.1608682,3a,75y,71.94h,86.44t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1smviPqU8TIOeemECZK4Oqqw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192Tue 16/11/2021, 14:29
Alan has advised that the photo was taken on Adelaide Avenue. Ladywell Close is on the left, Prendergast School in the background and Hilly Fields out of view on the right.Mon 15/11/2021, 17:00
I have worked in Lewisham for over 30 years. I am stumped to identify this location as are a couple of my colleagues!! That big building in the background should be a giveaway!Sun 14/11/2021, 23:10
HV1 was in passenger use every day during October (and previous months)Thu 21/10/2021, 19:45
The logo on YT70VHD is now known to be that of 'We Make Sparks', a brand of 'Sparks Welding Services' of Slough. This company do vehicle modifications and repairs and also leasing/hiring.Fri 08/10/2021, 17:42
The yellow logo at the bottom left of the front is that of 'We Make Sparks', the brand for Sparks Welding Services of Slough. This company does vehicle maintenance and modifications, and also now vehicle leasing and hiring (the logo is also carried by the two newest staff welfare facilities vans). The logo seems to be of a bearded welder with tools behind, arranged to look like a horned Viking helmet!
Perhaps more interestingly, the blue plate below this logo states that the vehicle was 'Custom built by Feltham Commercial Coachworks Ltd'. Feltham Coachworks are listed as the manufacturers of bodies DB20, DB22, DB23 and DB24, but all of DB1 to DB18 have always been listed by LUL/DSM as having been built by Locomotors.
Fri 08/10/2021, 17:39
While preparing a larger copy of this photo for the new version of the website, I noticed that the Vauxhall just peeking in the left background is K865AUK, an Astramax van that was also in the Armchair fleet. Although only a little more of the van is visible in the original, it seems to be in the normal white/orange fleet livery. This updates the information on LTSV which has always shown it as being grey.Fri 08/10/2021, 17:32
There is no open connection from Bollo House to the other two sites. 8219 has a bay at the end of Bollo House which is self-contained.Sun 26/09/2021, 15:29
Vehicles entering the lorry yard do so by the main entrance. Only vehicles leaving Frank Pick House make the detour through the lorry yard.Sun 26/09/2021, 15:25
For nine years I drove a 1982 Land Rover very similar to this. What you describe as a canvas roof is actually known in Land Rover circles as a 'safari roof'. It is a second metal roof with a gap of around an inch between the actual vehicle roof. It is designed to help keep the vehicle cool in hot climates by reflecting heat from the sun and they were invariably painted white irrespective of the the rest of the bodywork. When I used to drive my Landy, people of African descent occasionally used to come up to me and congratulate me on driving what was for them, often the first car that they ever saw or drove back home. :) Fri 06/08/2021, 14:21
History details show it was allocated to same.Tue 03/08/2021, 17:41
The Jubilee Line extension project had a small fleet of these, with full time chauffeurs, to transport site engineers between the various worksites - Does anyone know if this was one?Tue 03/08/2021, 16:12
The event was the launch of the Silver Jubilee Routemasters. Escort van 1871F was also there. The bus was actually BS2, not a BL.Mon 26/07/2021, 10:21
That's some amateurish lettering on the body - it looks more like it should be read as 'London Machine Lillie Underground Shop Bridge'! Sun 18/07/2021, 21:31
That looks a Lada following it, or possibly an early Polski-Fiat. Definitely not a British car anyway, so naff colours weren't limited to the UK motor industry.Sun 18/07/2021, 19:58
This lorry also appears in the background of a photo taken at Acton on 12th September 2019! See photo of 8888T.Sat 03/07/2021, 22:08
I have just noticed that this lorry also appears in some (unpublished) Acton 'flypast' photos taken on 11th February 2020. It seems likely that it has remained on hire to LUL continuously since at least that date. Does that mean it should be added to the database?!Fri 25/06/2021, 15:56
I have now received a couple more photos taken during this incident, which provide more details of the vehicles involved. These photos will be added to the website soon.Sun 23/05/2021, 20:38
Thanks to ID and SS I can add that this photo (and the similar one of 748P) was taken at the LGOC Centenary Parade in Regent's Park on 16th July 1956. An ex-STL tree lopper also took part, as did a Country Bus inspector's motorcycle.Sun 23/05/2021, 20:37
Derek mentioned that this minibus was actually being used as a crew ferry vehicle at the time of the photograph.Sun 23/05/2021, 20:34
Derek pointed out that the presence of an electric vehicle charging point adjacent to the orange building in the 'old' bus station is most likely the reason for the Nissan being here.Sun 23/05/2021, 20:33
Derek advises that 8419T was also at Stratford City on 18th May 2021, so I have added this as a transfer.Sun 23/05/2021, 20:32
Saw this again, at the same place, a few days later. It remains unmarked on the nearside!Sat 22/05/2021, 21:28
The red crane may be the new Jones Super 22 crane I saw in Chiswick Works on 22/4/69,that bore the asset number 89/215 on a small brass plate. I would like to know a lot more about the administration of these asset numbers as it is IMHO problematic to view a newer Jones crane differently to its older brother 968R which was also a Super 22! Thu 06/05/2021, 14:29
Paul R has advised that early Mk2 Escorts were in 'Carnival red', which was a sort of tomato soup shade. Later batches came in a darker shade known as Venetian red.Wed 05/05/2021, 00:25
They were definitely an orange red colour, not too dissimilar to NBC Red. Thu 29/04/2021, 23:13
It seems/seemed that these park at TH at the weekend (Sundays in particular). No idea why!Thu 22/04/2021, 23:06
the exit/entrance at the top end was only for pedestrians (i.e. staff).Thu 22/04/2021, 20:22
The straight forward answer because of covid and resources we didn't collect it as it was low priority. It wasn't going to be used because of the lockdown.Mon 19/04/2021, 20:59
Curiously I dug out my 1983 diary today, looking for something completely unrelated to this. And I found that on 2nd July that year I went to Manor House and met Mr W E Hillman, head of Leaside District. No mention of the prize, or of anything else in fact.Fri 16/04/2021, 19:29
Just awaiting to be collected for Eltham to replace KE14FJO. Sat 27/03/2021, 00:09
It seems I didn't do enough research when writing this caption! These buses did not have a door in the rear when new. There was instead a large boot, the top hinges of which were more-or-less in line with the beading band (which originally wrapped around the rear). Above this were the registration plate (flanked by indicator lights), then two destination blinds (side-by-side) and finally the two windows as seen above. The rear door and towing attachment were added when the vehicles were converted to service vehicles, and the rear lights were also replaced. Thanks to Ian D for spotting this.Sun 14/03/2021, 18:04
This angle clearly shows how the later all-red roundel never fitted properly into a frame designed for a red & black lettered LT bullseye. Fri 12/03/2021, 19:37
I think this was grey to begin with. Fri 12/03/2021, 19:34
The white lettering may have been culled from LTE legal address transfers.Fri 12/03/2021, 19:27
The white outline roundel looks like the type fitted to MB-family vehicles for a time Fri 12/03/2021, 19:26
According to lads with it 7 million Euros worth!! Thu 04/03/2021, 15:08
For many years GY came under the SE District of the Southern Division of LT CB&C so I wonder if RE did too? Even in early LCBS days Grays and Romford were in the SE Area timetable book.Sun 21/02/2021, 20:24
Note the ''slim'' version of a standard 1970s LT Abacus bus shelterSun 21/02/2021, 20:20
Caption updated with corrected information about ground markings.Sun 21/02/2021, 00:17
Got to be option 1 for me,Tom.Fri 19/02/2021, 21:07
Also at Eltham 19/2/2021Fri 19/02/2021, 17:13
FB578 is preserved at Quainton Road. Fully restored. I have photos if they're of interest Tom?Wed 10/02/2021, 18:10
Due to go soon I understand.Thu 04/02/2021, 23:29
Phil has advised that the two buses visible at the back were DMS2100 and DMS2158, which were transferred to provide a source of spares for the other DMSs returned to service. These two buses were in LT red livery with white upper-deck window surrounds.Fri 29/01/2021, 11:24
Saw some recent internal views online. Not a single reminder of LCBS days left, let alone LT. The canteen area vastly reduced in size and probably relocated (I believe the original area - designed for a staff of 300 - was converted to offices under LCNW). A sad end. The glass entrance doors bearing roundels went even earlier.Mon 18/01/2021, 18:16
My dad’s bus number was T256Fri 15/01/2021, 12:16
My Dad drove this vehicle when it was a bus, I have a pictureFri 15/01/2021, 12:05
I suspect Kim is right but, if so, it looks like they didn't bother changing the plates. The text on this one still reads 'GLC Exempt Vehicle'.Tue 15/12/2020, 23:57
Didn't the GLC ''lorry ban'' carry on after the authority was abolished but under a slightly different name?Tue 15/12/2020, 16:00
Derek very kindly dug out his notebooks for August 1985 and was thus able to confirm that the minibus seen here was indeed 3010F. Although it is only partially visible, I have added a subject link.Tue 15/12/2020, 00:36
The location of this photo is now known to be Parsons Green's overflow lorry park and the caption has been amended.Mon 07/12/2020, 21:56
The location of this photo is now believed to be Wandsworth Garage and the caption has been amended.Mon 07/12/2020, 21:54
The location of this photo is now believed to be Wandsworth Garage and the caption has been amended.Mon 07/12/2020, 21:54
This must be a Priestman Panther Dragline as it is very similar to the 7mm scale model kit of that vehicle produced by Duncan Models. They also make one with a shorter jib as in the LTM photo of GKH349 at Hammersmith plant depot. That is described as a grab bucket (clam shell), so it appears these jibs were interchangable. Looking back through my ABCs I first noted GKH349 some time between August 1962 and August 1963 at Parsons Green depot, describing it as a dragline excavator. I do remember jib pieces stored on the ground there along with cement mixers and dumper trucks so they could have been for the grab bucket. Mon 23/11/2020, 12:36
Note the LT 'dolly stop' in the backgroundSat 21/11/2020, 22:43
My understanding is that vehicles mostly visited for routine docking and repairs. That was the case previously with Putney Bridge, and then Riverside, before Stockwell took over the work. It would be interesting to know why and how the work was divided up when Walthamstow became involved. Sadly of course it closed in 1991, post privatisation, when a strike had a result that the many ex LT staff never anticipated. Sun 15/11/2020, 17:31
Would it have been going to Crown Woods car show?Sat 14/11/2020, 16:41
The film advertised on the nearest bus is Charlies Angels, released in November 2019. It seems that the COVID-19 situation has led to many bus adverts not being replaced or removed.Sat 07/11/2020, 23:30
I understood the plant engineer attended to bus washers, fuel pumps and tanks, lifting equipment, garage sweepers and all that sort of stuff.Sat 31/10/2020, 19:42
I've just noticed that these Crafters differ from the LBSL vans and the LUL crew vans (and indeed the first LUL van 8934VW) in not having any white between the front grille and the bumper.Sat 31/10/2020, 00:51
Now known to be numbered 9038F.Sat 24/10/2020, 16:22
Just two days after publishing this photo (and mentioning BusView), I received an announcement that BusView was being relaunched! It still has the same somewhat clunky interface but the sheer quantity of data more than makes up for this. The database contains details and histories of over 500,000 vehicles, as well as a lot of information about bus companies and other operators. If you are interested in UK buses, this is the program you need. Some service vehicles are also included, particularly minibuses. BusView is only available as an annual subscription service. You download the program and the main database, and the data is updated at regular intervals throughout the year. There is a 7-day free trial period followed by a £60 first-year subscription, rising to £90 per year thereafter. One change that has been made is that the program will no longer work if you do not renew your subscription. With the previous version, you no longer received updated data but you could still use the program. For more details visit 05/10/2020, 20:33
DVLA currently shows WYC736H as live on a 1/10/1969 2850cc AEC in redTue 15/09/2020, 14:45
A photo found on Flickr shows another Ford Transit with Southern Transit carrying registration number V300KGW. The main subject however is a Land Rover Defender registered D162FYM, a plate originally carried by London Transport Leyland Olympian L162. Photo at 29/08/2020, 16:45
In use on the Central Line south of Woodford on 7th June 2020 - tamping of crossover south of Broadmead Road bridge.Sat 15/08/2020, 13:13
In the 1960s, Junction Road was the site of Works & Buildings area sub-office. I was there for about a month doing research.Sat 18/07/2020, 17:57
A Vehicle Record Card, seemingly for this trailer, shows new on 5/2/1951. Chassis No. 224PS and Body 9681 are quotedSun 05/07/2020, 18:31
T260 RUY is a Mk2 Mondeo hatchbackThu 18/06/2020, 18:20
It looks like this might have been a lucky catch, as a few days later the vehicles had moved again. I took a closer look today (during a bike ride for exercise) and there was just one SV in the main car park (minibus 8651VW). A further 7 SVs were back in the small 'side' yard (adjoining White Hart Avenue), but the security fence made it hard to identify most of them.Wed 20/05/2020, 13:10
That's a Vauxhall wheeltrim on the front, probably pinched from an AstraSun 10/05/2020, 22:21
Now with JAK of LutonSun 10/05/2020, 08:50
No updates on the date of this photo yet, but James mentioned something which I thought was quite interesting. He used to see this ambulance fairly regularly at Edgware Station forecourt, picking up or dropping off staff. It presumably accrued a bit more mileage than its Chiswick counterpart.Fri 08/05/2020, 18:12
James has confirmed the date and location details are as suggested. He also drew my attention to the fact that there was a dog in the driver's seat, visible in this photo! How did I not notice that?Fri 08/05/2020, 18:08
Yes, Ray is right, the building in the background is the bus garage built in the 1980s on the site of the earlier one. However, at the time of this photograph it had been closed for almost ten years (being used instead for go-cart racing), only the entrance roadway being in use for terminating buses to turn and park on. As such, it didn't seem right to say that this photo was taken at Streatham Bus Garage, although I now notice that this very description was still in use for bus destination blinds...Fri 08/05/2020, 18:06
This was taken at the 'new' garage. Thu 30/04/2020, 11:54
There is no fleetnumber on the rear; I photographed it at Stratford International on 29th February 2020.Sun 08/03/2020, 11:42
it is a Volvo FM , I believe ex Albert Road Recovery part of Canute GroupSat 29/02/2020, 08:21
It's because there are facilities at Eltham to use.Thu 27/02/2020, 21:03
Been moved to North Greenwich now.Thu 27/02/2020, 20:56
Crafter RE69NCD has become 9061VW. Crafter RE69NBY has become 9056VWTue 11/02/2020, 12:24
The Crafter RE69NBO has become 9059VWTue 11/02/2020, 12:23
The Crafter RE69NFC has become 9060VW.Tue 11/02/2020, 12:23
The Unimog is one of two that have been in the yard for some time.Thu 30/01/2020, 18:30
I didn't notice at the time but this is an example of the '2019 Facelift' Transit Connect. The front end is rather different, with a larger, trapezoid grille. This grille shape is also featured on various other Ford models, including the Transit Mk8 (2020 facelift) and Transit Custom (2018 facelift).Thu 09/01/2020, 17:05
Seasons Grittings! This trailer has appeared on LTSV before, caught by Ray back in 2015.Sat 21/12/2019, 09:25
This was marked as CBT57 on 21/11/2019 and is therefore still in stock.Thu 21/11/2019, 13:50
Derek pointed out that the fleetnumber is also carried in the 'traditional' position, just ahead of each side door, above the green stripe. However, it is in grey digits and quite hard to see.Thu 12/09/2019, 22:58
The only other (known) vehicle carrying 'Technology & Data' markings is 8159F based at Mandela WayWed 11/09/2019, 20:22
This vehicle is operated and owned by a contractor working on behalf of Abellio. Unlike Sovereign, who work for a number of companies, it is carrying Abellio logos. It seems to attend rail replacement work in West London.Sat 07/09/2019, 12:31
Repaired and back at Acton by 29th August 2019Thu 29/08/2019, 17:27
Yes, it's the REW. The CDS offices are what used to be the Works Canteen. Fri 16/08/2019, 16:51
This garage was used to replace Mandela Way (MW) in some respects, routes/buses being exchanged with Q & NX also. Buses from Belvedere followed at the end of the year.Thu 15/08/2019, 17:16
The 'second' car is Toyota Yaris LO16YVB which is to become 9005T. 9006T was actually seen on Silwood Triangle rather than the Depot/yard.Thu 15/08/2019, 17:12
Rather too high for my garage! Tue 13/08/2019, 17:46
This vehicle is currently for sale, for just under 14,000GBP. If you are interested, take a look at for more details.Mon 12/08/2019, 17:11
Old School C&S coloursThu 23/05/2019, 22:25
Confirm, these cars are now at EastleighMon 13/05/2019, 13:02

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