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Neal encountered this Dynes recovery truck twice in early 2023, this occasion being on 6th March in Croydon. It was attending to an Arriva London Enviro 400 bus that had conked out near the bottom of Dingwall Road, close to East Croydon Station. This road has a one-way bus lane at this section, the other lane being reserved for cyclists, with poles to separate the two (the van visible would appear to be somewhere it shouldn't have been). A breakdown here could therefore have been rather awkward, though it looks as though there would be room for other buses to squeeze past. MX71BBZ is a Scania P410 with a rather low-profile cab and body and which had been seen by Ray at Eltham a year previously. As well as the name Nellie painted on the cabsides, a numberplate in the windscreen shows it to be Junior 2.0. I wonder what happened to Junior 1? I also don't know what the object on the cab roof (between the two beacon lights) is.
Photo ID: 7444
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Subject/s: Dynes MX71BBZ
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