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There is quite a lot of downloadable content on LTSV, but it is somewhat spread around. This page shows where to go to get it.
LTSV web content
PDF files have been produced that contain most of the content of the LTSV website (data and photos), although it should be noted that these are 'snap-shots' of the content at a particular time and may not be up-to-date. For a list of all the available files, go to Article 19: Downloadable LTSV Documents.
There are various Articles on this website, some of which are available in PDF format. To see a full list of all articles, click here.
London Transport archive documents
Links to PDFs of various London Transport documents relating to service vehicles can be found in Article 20: Downloadable London Transport Archive Documents. Many more historical documents can also be viewed (and downloaded) at the LTSV-LTA website.
PDF files containing most of the photos on LTSV have been produced (see LTSV web content above). You can also download copies of any photo on this website by simply right-clicking it and selecting 'Save Image as...'.
Fleetlists and other data
Snap-shot PDFs of the data on LTSV are periodically produced and can be downloaded (see under LTSV web content above). It is also hoped to eventually add a facility to dynamically produce PDFs from fleet-data pages, thus allowing up-to-date information to be downloaded. Until this is available, the best option is to save the page you want as a PDF. Most web browsers offer this facility but it is often a bit hidden-away. For example, in Google Chrome you need to select 'Print' then set the destination as 'Save as PDF'.