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Ray paid another visit to Acton Works on 11th December 2021 and, although there was very little in the way of new vehicles, some interest was provided by the presence of several TfL Toyota Yaris cars. Two batches of seven each had been delivered in spring 2019, the first seven curiously being given LUL white/blue/red livery before being changed to TfL white/blue before leaving the works. Ray had photographed most of the cars when they were first delivered to Acton, but I chose not to use all of these photos and instead to wait for photos of them in service. However, the cars were to prove remarkably elusive. Of the first seven (8836T to 8842T), 8836T was photographed in Barking in June 2021, 8840T was noted twice in south east London in July 2021 while 8842T was seen on LUL night work on a couple of occasions. Of the others, nothing was heard. The second batch were equally rare, with just a handful of sightings, mostly suggesting use by LUL. I had speculated that the cars would be for TfL Streets and/or Infrastructure, but perhaps they were for use by LUL. The use of generic TfL white/blue livery on cars could be a new policy, as evidenced by the allocation of white/blue Nissan Leaf cars 9100N to 9103N to LBSL work. As for the reason for their return to Acton Works in late-2021, it is believed to have been in connection with the fitting of updated tracking equipment. As they may not be seen again for a long time, I am showing four photos of these cars today! First up is 8838T from the first batch, seen in the front car park at Acton. This particular car was not actually seen in LUL livery but it is likely to have gained it then lost it, as with the others of the batch.
Photo ID: 7055
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