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Photographer / Copyright: Derek Everson
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Date added to site:18/02/22
Details: A bit of a mystery are the 'vehicle cleaning' vans. The first was Mk7 Ford Transit 6527F new in 2008. This was eventually replaced by Mk8 Transit 9141F in spring 2020. Both vans had large lettering, advertising their role, and were usually to be found parked at Acton Works. Derek was lucky to catch 9141F passing Marble Arch on 1st February 2022. The mystery (to me at least) is exactly what these vans do. Do they have a schedule for regularly attending to certain vehicles, or are they only called out when vehicles get very dirty? Do they only do LUL vehicles? The fact that the service is promoted suggests they also do outside jobs. But how effective is the advertising. If you ran a fleet of vans and saw this one passing, would you think 'ah, just what I need'?! Another mystery slightly related to this photo is The Marble Arch Mound, the artificial hill that was built here in 2021 as a tourist attraction. It is now being dismantled, having only been open to the public for a couple of months. It was only ever meant to be temporary but surely they could have found some way of making the millions spent on it seem less wasted...
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