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Photographer / Copyright: Julian Bowden-Green
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Details: 143 Ford D-series lorries were delivered to London Transport between 1966 and 1981, in a variety of configurations and mostly painted in the standard grey livery. 1529F appears to have been unique in being a 7-ton bolster lorry with fixed sides. LT had a number of Ford D-series open lorries with fixed sides but these were mainly larger 10-ton variants, or short lorries used for towing. 1529F was new just before Christmas 1968 and lasted until early 1981. The date of this photo taken in the lorry yard at Chiswick Works is not known but it is assumed to be in the mid-1970s. 1529F had had its white grille overpainted grey and also featured a green painted bolster and cab roof. The lorry behind is slightly newer 1753F, a crew-cab dropside lorry with a half-length tilt. This has the original white painted grille and has a grey cab roof. In the left background is the roadway leading up to the bridge over the BR tracks. It then dropped down into Acton Works, this part of the road remaining today as what we call the Stub Road.
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