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Details: As well as aerial and 3D views, Google also provides 'street-view' images for most roads. Interestingly, the roadway that bisects the Parsons Green site is now publicly accessible, and it has been visited by the Google camera cars, with views available all the way up to the small yard at the far end. This view is taken from near the 'top' (North East) end, looking back towards the entrance on Parsons Green Lane. The buildings on both sides are now used by a variety of private concerns, while shown here is one of the covered areas which might have been used in London Transport days for the parking of lorries and plant. Having said that, there does appear to be a small yard at the other side of this area, with vehicle access also from Harbledown Road. This is presumably the location featured in Julian's photo, and where a young Ray used to climb the walls!
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