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Photographer / Copyright: James Mair
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Date added to site:08/12/20
Details: Ten more Ford Cargo lorries were bought in autumn 1986, these getting a mixture of C- and D-prefix registrations. Three were given box truck bodies, including 2442F shown here. This is yet another lorry of which I only have the single photograph, and again it is thanks to James. He caught 2442F crossing the railway tracks on Bollo Lane (Acton) on 1st May 1989. 2442F was the lightest of the Ford Cargo box trucks, being a Cargo 0811 (note the slim wheelarches) and lacking a tail-lift. It remained in use until 1995 and was repainted white/blue. The attractive signal box in the background is still in place in 2020, though now unmanned and boarded-up. It has also lost the curious extension, which had presumably been added to allow the signalman a clearer view of both of the level crossings at this location.
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