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Details: Bus garages in London were often designed to make the best possible use of the available land. This is the former Trolleybus depot at Wood Green, looking west with the High Road running across the bottom of the view. The sheds were presumably built with a slight curve because of adjoining properties. I don't think I got round Wood Green when I was a youth, although the layout meant that you could see quite a lot from the entrance. As with many garages, a secondary entrance was provided, this being on Watsons Road, towards the right (north) in this view. There was also an entrance on River Park Road (on the left, with the curiously blue building on it), though I believe this was just for staff rather than vehicles. Behind the grey office block on the High Road is another block, this being part of the garage, and now the head office of Arriva London. Various service vehicles are usually parked here, although they are invariably unmarked. The more modern, sandy-coloured block further back is also part of the garage, being the training base for Arriva. Various buses are parked there in this view, but at other times there have been service vehicles here too.
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