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Details: This is a view of Putney Garage, sometimes known as Chelverton Road Garage to avoid confusion with the since closed Putney Bridge Garage, and most famous for being the first to operate RT-type buses. Putney High Street runs across the bottom right of this view, the modernised frontage of the garage being just two roadways squeezed between houses. When I was about 11 I visited most of the 64 LT garages then in use, (almost) always with the Foreman's permission. My main interest was in the buses but I did enjoy discovering some of the curious layouts and features, dictated either by the site or operational requirements. Putney was one garage I never got into and, until I captured the image above, I had no idea that the garage had a yard. Assuming that all the grey rooves belong to the garage, there is also an extension in the north west corner. Neither of these features are visible from the entrance. The red-tiled rooves and the adjoining roof-top car park belong to the much more modern shopping centre.
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