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Date added to site:26/10/18
Details: Metroline's three Ford Transit Mk8 vans are based at the CELF 'works' in Perivale but get out and about to the company's numerous garages. Two of the three visited Edgware on the morning of 25th August 2018, first up being AV16YGG. The green diamond in the nearside of the windscreen states 'Shut Up and Deal With It' in the style of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' posters. And I think that is Basil Brush to the left....
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KeithDI don’t think Jaq wore glasses but I bow to your superior knowledge on this subject Tom LOL Mon 05/11/18, 15:20
Thomas YoungOf course, the tail is too 'un-bushy' for a fox. Not Simon though. Based on the orange coat I reckon this is Jaq from Cinderella.Tue 30/10/18, 12:10
KeithDDefinitely not Basil Brush but could be Simon from the Chipmunks??Sat 27/10/18, 20:30