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Photographer / Copyright: Ray Monk
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Date added to site:26/01/15
Details: Photographing service vehicles around the Bollo Lane entrance to Acton Works can be tricky, especially in the winter when the sun (if it is out at all) always seems to be in the wrong place. This picture suffers a bit because of this, but it was felt to be worth including anyway. As has already been commented on, Ford Transit van 6238F seems to have acquired a second life following its replacement in the LUL fleet. Now in un-marked white/blue livery, it can often be seen around Acton Works. On 19th January 2015 Ray caught it entering the works with a gritting trailer on tow. Interestingly, the trailer carried the registration number of Land Rover N435CMF, another extended life vehicle, but one which has not been seen much recently.
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