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Photographer / Copyright: John Marshall
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Details: This photo is not what it at first appears. Taken in the sidecourt of London Transport's Victoria Garage on 8th December 1971 it shows a Ford Thames Trader in London Transport livery with a London Transport fleetnumber. However, this vehicle was one of several that were transferred to the newly created London Country Bus Services in 1970. 1148F was one of four (1148F to 1151F) Trader 5-ton half-tilt lorries delivered in summer 1960. They initially ran on trade plates, only gaining registrations in 1970 following a change in legislation. Curiously they were given contemporary H-suffix registrations, making them appear 10 years younger than they actually were. All were transferred to LCBS in 1970 although none remained in use for more than 4 years. 1148F was allocated to Reigate, having transferred from Romford in August 1971. As can be seen, it was sometimes used as a driver trainer, although it is not clear why it had travelled so far back into London on this occasion.
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