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Photographer / Copyright: Damon Cross
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Date added to site:20/08/06
Details: The Ford Courier Kombi was a curious vehicle, being based on a van derived from the Fiesta car. Many were converted as wheelchair carriers, though this is presumably not one of them! Armchair 4 (N831NUG) was seen at the Mortlake terminus on 22nd June 2005.
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Thomas YoungWhile preparing a larger copy of this photo for the new version of the website, I noticed that the Vauxhall just peeking in the left background is K865AUK, an Astramax van that was also in the Armchair fleet. Although only a little more of the van is visible in the original, it seems to be in the normal white/orange fleet livery. This updates the information on LTSV which has always shown it as being grey.Fri 08/10/21, 17:32