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Name:Baker Street Station
NotesSignals, Publicity, Recruitment, Lost Property 
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Current allocation: 3
All vehicles allocated: 134 *
Sightings logged: 932
Photos at location: 24
Previous location: Aylesbury Garage 
Next location: Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place 
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Thomas YoungIn terms of the LTSV database, the Selbie House offices off Allsop Place (at the back of Baker Street Station) have now been separated off into a new location (code BKO).Fri 11/04/2014, 19:52
Damon200-202 Baker Street, NW1 5RZ. Lost Property Office. Sun 29/12/2013, 13:07
DamonStation Approach, Marylebone Road, NW1 5LD. Recruitment Centre LT by 1986. Now Wetherspoon's ''Metropolitan Bar''. Sun 29/12/2013, 13:06
DamonBaker Street, Selbie House offices, 13 Allsop Place, Baker Street, NW1 5LJ. LT Benevolent Fund by 1962-1982. LT CRS Employees Friendly Society by 1962-1982. LT CBC Employees Friendly Society by 1962. LT Railways Friendly Society by 1962-1982. Audit Office (External Audit) by 1972. Permanent Way Office by 1977-1983. Revenue Control LT by 1977. Medical Centre (HQ & NW divisional office) by 1985-1986. Police Information Room (North sub-division) by 1966-1970. Police Information Room (sub-division) by 1986. Sun 29/12/2013, 13:04
Damon210/212 Baker Street, NW1 5RT. Substation Centre by 1958-1965? Canteen Training Centre (Welfare) by 1957-1976. ''A'' Division offices - railways by 1961-1972. Divisional Offices - Met & Bakerloo by 1972-1989. Divisional Offices - Central Line by 1977-1989. Bakerloo Line Offices by 1990. Central Line Offices LUL by 1990-1991. Jubilee Line Offices LUL by 1990-1993. East London Line Offices LUL by 1992-1993. Metropolitan Line Offices LUL by 1990. Traffic Controllers (Central Line) LUL -1991. Underground Ticketing system Operations Command LUL by 1990. Computer Manager LT by 1965 - 1969. Computer Centre LT by 1970. Abbey District Offices (Buses) LT by 1980-1986. Traffic Controllers (Buses) LT 1979 -1985. Traffic Controllers(LBL)1985-? Sun 29/12/2013, 13:01
DamonDistrict Superintendants' Offices Railways - Metropolitan & Bakerloo lines located here by 1949 until ??Sat 14/12/2013, 18:37
RayAbbey District HQ was at 210-212 Baker Street, NW1 5RT.Sun 11/11/2007, 21:06
RayBaker Street Station housed a Divisional Office (Railways) 01-935 6688 as well as other departments such as Lost Property and the Estates & Rating Surveyor (01-935 5544) in Chiltern CourtSat 07/07/2007, 12:46

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