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Location details
Name:Uxbridge Bus Station
Type:Bus Station
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Current allocation: 4
All vehicles allocated: 29 *
Sightings logged: 421
Photos at location: 44
Previous location: Uxbridge Garage 
Next location: Uxbridge, Redford Way 
* Quantities may not be accurate pending completion of the history inputting project

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Thomas YoungUpdating my previous notes, the air-bricks have been replaced with vents, so there is now no view into the garage from the footpath.Sun 08/04/2012, 00:23
Thomas YoungI made visits to Uxbridge on two consecutive days last week and have a couple of comments. Firstly regarding the location itself, London Buses vehicles are usually parked in the 'throat' of the garage. However, about 50 yards back towards the high street is a short turn off with a handful of parking spaces (opposite the 427/607 bus stop). These are reserved for London Buses staff. Although only private cars were present on these two days, a Honda Civic has been seen here in the past. Secondly, the interior of the garage can be glimpsed through air bricks alongside the footpath that runs between the garage and the tube station, accessed from the back of the bus station.

Turning to the vehicles, on each of my visits there were three London Buses SVs present but they were notably a different three on the second day. We know that vehicles are often rotated between adjacent bases (such as Harrow and Edgware), but is there anywhere in West London where LBSL SVs are parked (Hounslow would seem to be a candidate)? And what is the most quantity of LBSL SVs seen in Uxbridge Bus Station at one time? Finally, through the air bricks mentioned above, I noted a small red van with First logos inside the garage. The resident Ford Transit van was also seen so this is presumably something unreported. Unfortunately the make/model and registration were not obtainable.
Fri 16/04/2010, 00:32

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