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Name:Telstar House, Paddington
User:First London
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Current allocation: 0 
All vehicles allocated: 15 *
Sightings logged: 2
Photos at location: 2
Previous location: Sycamore House, Thornton Heath 
Next location: Templar House, Holborn 
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Damon2nd Floor, Telstar House, Eastbourne Terrace, W2 6LG: Regsitered Office Centrewest London Buses Ltd. by 1995 Thu 12/12/2013, 20:24
Damon12th Floor, Telstar House, Eastbourne Terrace, W2 6LG. Heathrow Terminal 5 Team (LUL) by 1995 Thu 12/12/2013, 20:23
Damon Eastbourne Terrace, W2 6LG : Computer Centre LT by 1974. Audit Office (Incentive Bonus, Expenditure, Computer and Payroll Audit)LT by 1975. Ancillary Systems Engineers by 1985. LRT Catering by 1987-1990. LT Payrolls Services (LU Ltd) by 1989-1990. Principal Signal and Electrical Engineer LUL by 1987. Registered Office CentreWest London Buses Limited by 1990. Professional Services Group (LU Ltd) by 1990. Principal Signalling and Control Systems Engineer (Professional Services Group) LUL by 1990. Signalling and Control Systems Engineer (client)by 1990. Engineering Safety and Hazards Dept (LUL) by 1992. CrossRail Team LUL by 1993. Croxley Link Team LUL by 1995. Central Line Project Office LUL by 1997.
Note: Edited by Damon, 22/12/13, 17:40.
Thu 12/12/2013, 20:22
RayOriginally the HQ for Centrewest, First subsequently used the offices until they moved to MacMillan House in Paddington Station opposite. Not sure if this was before or after the fire in Telstar House.Sat 11/08/2007, 11:53

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