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Location details
Name:Stockwell Garage
Type:Bus Garage
User:London General
Dates:1952 - current
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Current allocation: 5
All vehicles allocated: 113 *
Sightings logged: 283
Photos at location: 32
Previous location: Stevenage Garage 
Next location: Stockwell Shelters Yard 
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DamonStockwell Garage was responsible for major repairs on service vehicles for many years. This is now a listed building and I believe they are on the naughty list as they've removed the original blue doors from the entrances. I believe the doors themselves are part of the listing. It was originally planned to be a Trolleybus Depot before Mr Hitler interferred and Trolleybuses fell out of favour after the war.
Note: Edited by Damon, 03/01/14, 20:59.
Sun 22/12/2013, 18:01
DamonPublicity Department by 1985 Sun 22/12/2013, 17:54
DamonWorks and Buildings at St Michaels Road, Stockwell by 1949. The original City & South London Railway (Northern Line - Bank branch) depot was round the back of St Michaels Road. Rolling stock was hauled by cable up and incline from the tunnels below. The sealed portal of the tunnel up the incline can still be seen from passing trains.
Note: Edited by Damon, 22/12/13, 17:58.
Sat 14/12/2013, 19:40
DamonPunch Repair Shop (L.C.C. Trams) located ''Next 105a Stockwell Road'' way back when. Sat 14/12/2013, 19:15
RayNow a listed structure, sited in Binfield Road (01-622 3418). Most of the gates are in Lansdowne Way.Sat 25/08/2007, 12:48

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