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Location details
Name:Parsons Green Works
Dates:? - 25/10/1985
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Current allocation: 0 
All vehicles allocated: 457 *
Sightings logged: 98
Photos at location: 30
Previous location: Park Royal (Atlas Road) Garage 
Next location: Peckham Garage 
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RayThe TfL list of Buildings shows the works closed around 1987. (See details of the list under 'other'). I note the variation sheet shows CDS closed in 1985 but perhaps the Bdg. Department carried on.Sun 13/09/2020, 17:04
Thomas YoungThe October 1985 closure date seems to be incorrect. LOTS reported vehicles still allocated there as late as 30th April 1987, including several vehicles new in 1986 (e.g. C/VOY and C/WLB Mercedes 307D trucks and C/FME Bedford Astra vans).Sat 12/09/2020, 14:53
Thomas YoungA pencilled addition to the Variation Sheet for 25/10/1985 states that Parsons Green closed on this date and that all vehicles transferred to Chiswick.Fri 28/02/2014, 01:16
DamonThis establishment actually originated with the the London General Omnibus Company which was owned by the Underground group. There are inspection covers in the road service in the yard with ''L.G.O.C.'' on them which are similar to those found in many bus garages. Still listed as Works & Buildings and Stores in 1985 and still on the books in 1992.
Note: Edited by Damon, 29/01/14, 01:15.
Tue 17/12/2013, 02:47
Kim RennieThe narrow gauge rail lines are still there!Wed 19/09/2007, 16:34
Clive GThis was the major building department base and head office in LT days. On my first visit in 1959 I chatted with a man who was a shunter - the narrowness and length of the yard necessitating that vehicles were parked correctly to enable them to leave the next day. Several of us later spent happy late afternoons waiting as ''W'' and ''J'' lorries returned, and empty Leyland tippers rattled down the road. The imagination was always fired as to where they'd been and what they had been doing that day! The works was renown for being one of the earliest manufacturers of moulded concrete parts. These included bus stops, cable posts and station platform parts, and there was a narrow gauge railway track on which these were pushed out of the workshop on trucks by hand. Today there are a number of small business units on the site, but much of the original remains as in LT days - including the toilets I used when visiting a year ago! Well worth a nostalgic visit before the innevitable developers take over. Clive GWed 05/09/2007, 11:57
RayThis yard went on from the gatehouse right to the end of the adjacent siding to the north-east of the station (virtually opposite Walham Green on the other side of the line). 01-736 1292. It is now part occupied by a builder but most still remains empty. Sat 23/06/2007, 22:58

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