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Note ID:2058
Subject:Fleet news of 18/11/2021 - Imports and Exports
Text:Thanks to the contributors who pointed out that the first units delivered were actually class 231 DEMUs rather than class 756 tri-mode units. I have updated the news story. This clears up something that I thought was odd, whereby the units had coach numbers in the 3xxxxx series, whereas the Greater Anglia class 755 units had 9xxxxx. The 3xxxxx series had already been used for the Vivarail class 230 DEMUS, but before you think there is a logic to these things, the series has also been applied to coaches in class 345 and 745 EMUs!
Added:19/11/2021 21:08
Added By:Thomas Young
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Approved:19/11/2021 21:08
Approved by:Thomas Young
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