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Photographer / Copyright: Alan Greenwood
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Date added to site:19/10/21
Details: A batch of six new VW Crafter crew vans for LUL was seen at Acton Works in October 2020, being notable for having white bodywork with no skirts or stripes. Sightings since then have been scarce but suggest that they have been allocated to Stratford Market Depot and are mainly active at night. As such, they are likely to have been acquired as replacements for some of the 14 Mercedes Sprinter crew vans leased in 2015 (8134M-8145M plus 8176M-8178M). If this is correct it will be notable that the fleetnumbers of the new vans are almost exactly one thousand higher than those of the vans they replaced. Alan found 9149VW parked up in Lewisham on 20th September 2021.
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LidinsonThanks. I can see it now!! The big building behind is in fact 2 buildings that appeared to merge into one.Thu 18/11/21, 23:34
Thomas YoungAlan has advised that the photo was taken on Adelaide Avenue. Ladywell Close is on the left, Prendergast School in the background and Hilly Fields out of view on the right.Mon 15/11/21, 17:00
LidinsonI have worked in Lewisham for over 30 years. I am stumped to identify this location as are a couple of my colleagues!! That big building in the background should be a giveaway!Sun 14/11/21, 23:10