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Details: The first Ford Fiestas for the (numbered) central fleet were four vans leased in April 1985 and given fleetnumbers 3304F to 3307F. All were allocated to the Engineering Manager Operations at Chiswick Works and wore red livery. Last of the four, 3307F, was photographed in Eltham in April 1988 (from the back window of a Leyland National bus). According to official documents, this replaced Bedford HA van 2332B and was itself replaced by newer Fiesta 3757F in June 1989. The Fiesta van shared its body with the more common car version (as seen by the pale blue car following behind), though LT never had any liveried Fiesta cars, just one in the unmarked 'private car' fleet (BYW54V). LUL leased one in 1991 (4069F), with a dozen for LBSL following in 1998-2000.
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