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Details: As at April 2000, the Vauxhall Astra was the most numerous car model in the central fleet, a position usually held by Ford. The numbered fleet included 22 estates (plus a single hatchback), most of which were in LUL white/blue livery. Exceptions were four used by London Transport Buses, of which three were in all white (like 4689B). The newest of the LTB Astras was 5041B, delivered in January 2000 in red livery, though it never received the orange squares carried by other LTB vehicles. Strangely, three further red Astras were delivered later in 2000 and did get the squares, as seen on 5059B. 5041B was often to be found at Finsbury Park Bus Station, but was also a common sight around central London. On 3rd April 2000 Colin caught it on the one-way system around Victoria Station. I have left this photo cropped wide as the bus on the left is of some interest. This is one of the 69 Leyland National IIs built for use on the Red Arrow network in 1981. 42 of these buses were rebuilt by East Lancashire Coachbuilders in 1993/1994 to their 'National Greenway' specification. This included the fitting of new exterior panels and windscreens which changed the buses' appearance considerably. They were eventually replaced by new Mercedes-Benz Citaro articulated buses in 2002.
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