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Date added to site:11/05/20
Details: Vehicles with fleetnumbers in the 5xxx range had first appeared in spring 1999 and, by April 2000 there were 44 in stock. This total includes the two 49xx vehicles that were reallocated 50xx numbers to eliminate duplicates (as also illustrated in today's batch). Delivered in October 1999 were a batch of four Vauxhall Astra estate cars for use by LUL. These were numbered 5001-5003B and 5007B, and 5003B is shown here. It actually carried suffix-less fleetnumbers (i.e. just 5003) on both sides and it is possible that the others were the same. There was some confusion at the time over whether Vauxhall vehicles should continue with the B suffix (for Bedford), or switch to V (which had already been used for Volkswagen, though they later used VW) and leaving the suffix off was one way to get around it! The side lettering on this car reads 'Signal, electrical & communication services', again minimising the use of the more expensive capital letters!
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