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Photographer / Copyright: Colin Lloyd
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Details: The Ford Mondeo design was introduced in 1993, replacing the Sierra and remaining in production in 2020, albeit having undergone several major revamps. Since 1994, a small quantity of Mondeos have been used as service vehicles, alongside larger numbers of the slightly smaller Escort and Focus models. As at April 2000 there were 5 in the central fleet, all being estates in LUL white/blue livery. Newest of the 5 was 4913F, a 2.0LX model allocated to the Emergency Response Unit. The lettering on the door had this titling but with a lower-case u for unit, and it is notable that - apart from this lettering - there is no other indication of its high priority use. Later cars for the ERU had battenburg or other high-visibility markings. Colin photographed 4913F at Ludgate Circus on 15th June 2000. The Mondeo remained in use until 2003, when it was replaced by un-numbered Vauxhall Astra estate LN03WZG.
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