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Details: With 121 vans and 19 crew vans in the numbered fleet, the Ford Transit van was by far the most common type in spring 2000, as it had been for quite a few years. However, the majority of the vans were either short-wheelbase, low-roof examples, or long-wheelbase, mid-height ones. There were no long-wheelbase, low-roof vans (I don't think this was ever an option on the Mk3/4/5 Transit), but there were a handful of short-wheelbase, mid-height vans. One of these was 4898F, photographed parked outside Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. It carries LUL white/blue livery but is unmarked apart from fleetnumbers (and tyre pressure markings). Flanking numbers 4897F and 4899F were on vans to the same configuration and also lacking lettering.
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