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Details: From its introduction in 1968 the Ford Escort was the standard car for use by London Transport, with numerous additions to the numbered fleet (mainly estates) and the 'private car' fleet. However, other makes were also used, especially from the end of the 1970s onwards when there was a move towards dual-sourcing. By April 2000 the Ford Escort had been all but replaced by the new Focus model, and production was to cease a couple of months later. Of 56 cars in the numbered fleet at the time, just 8 were Escorts (all estates) and only one more was to be delivered, towards the end of the year (5109F). The 8 included a batch of 5 S-prefix registered estates new in September 1998 and numbered 4828F to 4832F. The only one of this batch that I have a photo of is 4832F, seen passing through Ealing Broadway on the 27th March 2000. It was in standard LUL white/blue livery, with (as usual) the blue only being applied to the sides and not around the front or rear, while the lettering shows that it was allocated to the Central Line.
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