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Details: Land Rover vehicles were mainly used by LT and its successors for roles requiring off-road durability, and a total of 18 were taken into the numbered fleet between 1963 and 1995. The only example in recent years has been 5215LR (VO51FZK), which is based on the more luxurious Freelander model. This 5-door V6 estate is presumably used for staff and VIP transport and, as this photograph taken at Baker Street on 25th April 2004 shows, carries an anonymous white livery. Perhaps the moulded skirt panels precluded the application of the usual blue paint. Other than the location, the only clues to its fleet nature are the tyre pressure figures applied above the wheelarches.
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Kim RennieThis is used by the LUL Rostered Duty Officer. I believe it replaced 4479V the unique Vauxhall Frontara 4x4, the latter of course being liveried.
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