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Date added to site:02/02/20
Details: Four Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars have been in use since spring 2016, two each with LBSL and LUL. On 25th January 2020, two of the cars were parked on the stub road in Acton Works, having been stripped of all livery and lettering. To the fore was WM65HZC, latterly in LUL white/blue/red, while WM65HYW behind was previously in TfL white/blue. This may suggest that the cars are about to leave the fleet. Vehicles going off lease do not normally have their livery and lettering removed, though if these cars were acquired on some sort of trial basis, the arrangements could be different. An alternative possibility is that they are going to be used in the 'unmarked car' fleet for a while. As I often have to say, time will tell. By the way, similar WM65HZD was also at Acton on this date, though still in full LUL livery.
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