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Photographer / Copyright: Ray Monk
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Date added to site:10/12/19
Details: Ray has had some interesting finds on his recent visits to Acton Works, perhaps none more so than this photo taken on 30th November 2019. The subject is a Smart Fortwo car registered WU17JSV. This was noted at Acton (albeit not clearly) when new in 2017 and it was the 17th (and now sole) Smart car in the numbered fleet. But the number is a problem. Official lists show the car as being numbered 8349SM, which fits in with its age. However, as this photo shows, it actually carries number 8176SM. Things are actually even muddier than that, as we have attributed the number 8176 to Mercedes Sprinter van WX65VRV. Although the van does carry this number (8176M), it appears on official lists as being a second to be allocated the number 8140M, which means that the number 8176 was 'officially' available. And there's more! Van WX65VRV was originally allocated number 8147M, which did remain unused once the new number (or one of them at least) was assigned. So, um...

Another confusion with this car is the livery. The black parts are panels rather than painted, so the livery has been listed as white. The rear tailgate and bumper are mainly white. Earlier Smarts had a combination of silver and black panels around the rear corners, as seen on 7625SM. The final mystery is where this car is allocated, though I suspect it may be based out at Rickmansworth, a small car being visible there in Google aerial photos.
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