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Date added to site:25/09/19
Details: The third livery seen on cars at North Greenwich Highways Alliance depot was TfL silver, as seen on Hyundai Ioniq hybrid car MK19FLC and similar MA68WHV. As mentioned when I published a photo of this car a few months ago, I am not certain that these are suitable for inclusion in the LTSV database, although the distinction is more administrative than visual. In terms of LTSV, the 'central fleet' is defined as the vehicles procured and managed by CDS/Distribution Services for use by the various departments of LT/TfL. Vehicles operated by contractors are grouped as 'other company', even if they carry 'proper' liveries (as was the case with L100JMH, GM03TOW and GN58KTX, the three recovery trucks that carried LBSL red). Having said that, some were added to the database as central fleet vehicles because their status was not known at the time. Among these were four silver Ford Mondeos new in 2007 (some of which later gained Enterprise Mouchel labels), and several Toyota Prius hybrids (such as white MA07GPU and silver MV58YTH). There are more anomalies. The London Safety Camera Partnership initially used central fleet vehicles (such as van 6120F). Their latest vans (one of which is GK65RZC) were added to the database as central fleet vehicles, although it is now believed that they are managed and operated directly by the Metropolitan Police. So, um, let me think about it....
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