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Photographer / Copyright: Ray Monk
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Date added to site:02/05/19
Details: The heavy haulage tractors of Allelys have featured on this website several times before, since they seem to be the main contractor used for road movements of underground cars. This work has presumably declined in recent years, following the completion of disposals of the replaced stock from the Victoria and sub-surface lines. Six cars of 1967 stock from the Victoria Line were retained at Acton Works. Two were for use in Emergency Response Unit training, the others being intended to haul a new tunnel cleaning train. The latter project was eventually cancelled and the four 1967 stock cars were sent away for scrap. Ray caught one (believed to be 3107 though the number was obscured by graffitti) leaving Acton Works on a trailer on 23rd April 2019. The lorry had reversed out of the works and then pulled forward onto Bollo Lane. The driver is in the cab (note left-hand drive) but the trailer was being attended to (note the man under the front bogie!). The destination of the cars is not known, though earlier examples were taken to Eastleigh railway works for scrapping.
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Kevin BullionsConfirm, these cars are now at EastleighMon 13/05/19, 13:02
Thomas YoungAs this car has a white cab front (rather than red), I now believe it is actually 3107 and have amended the caption.Fri 03/05/19, 20:58