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Details: Two things have their roots in Sunderland; the Go-Ahead group and my family. Because of the latter, I recently took my daughter for a visit to some of the places I spent my childhood holidays. Go North East uses extensive branding for most bus routes, with vehicles appearing in a multitude of colours. The branding is sometimes based on the places served, sometimes a pun on the service number (such as the 50 which becomes the 'Why-Aye Five-O' with beach themed graphics!). One link to the sensibilities of the London operation was this plain red van found parked at Sunderland (Park Lane) Interchange on 4th August 2018. A Ford Transit Connect Mk2 crew van, it is very similar to those used in London, even down to the EY67Wxx registration. Differences are that the company logo is carried, and it has a fleetnumber (1059). Several more examples in the same range were later seen at Washington.
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