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Photographer / Copyright: Derek Everson
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Date added to site:26/11/17
Details: Abellio's Byfleet operation was closed down on 1st September 2017 following bus route tendering changes, the remaining services being operated from Fulwell garage. Derek visited the erstwhile garage on 22nd October 2017 and found a handful of buses and service vehicles present, seemingly all dumped awaiting disposal. To the fore in this photograph of the engineering annexe is Ford Focus estate car EF56KBJ, which operated from Beddington Cross garage between 2011 and 2015 at least. It would appear it also later worked at Hayes, since it has traces of 'E-ROUTES' lettering across its bonnet. I don't think I have seen this lettering before, although some newer cars at Hayes do have similar markings for route 427. On the right is silver Ford Fiesta NL57ZHV which started its Abellio life at Byfleet before moving to Beddington Cross. This also had evidence of the E-routes lettering, suggesting another transfer that we missed. Tucked in the corner is Ford Fiesta van NG07HRX. Would you be surprised if I said this one was also rather nomadic? It was reported working from Hayes, then Fulwell, then Byfleet, then Hayes again...!
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