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Photographer / Copyright: Ray Monk
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Date added to site:28/09/17
Details: Watford Junction is one of those places I sometimes pass through but never really 'visit'. Luckily we have contributors dotted all over and Bob mentioned seeing two new Ford Fiesta cars there in September 2017. Ray was dispatched to investigate and photographed GM66EYF at the station on 7th September 2017. It had an Arriva fleetname in the back window (barely visible in this view) and the number 134 on the fuel filler cap. I wasn't sure at first whether these were Arriva London or Arriva Southern Counties vehicles, but Ray was able to confirm that they are operated from the Hemel Hempstead garage of the latter. Indeed I later saw a fleetlist that showed that the cars are officially numbered CF133 and CF134. A recap of recent changes is probably needed here! Until 2016, Garston garage (near Watford) was operated by Arriva the Shires and ran a mix of red (London) and blue (country) buses. Then the red fleet was transferred to Arriva London control, and Arriva Southern Counties took over the country operation, resulting in the garage technically having two users. This lasted until mid-2017 when the blue buses moved out of Garston and now run from Hemel Hempstead (another former Shires garage now in the Southern Counties empire). The future of Garston garage is looking rather precarious since several of the TfL routes it operates have been re-awarded to other companies.
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