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Details: First London mainly used Volkswagen vans but in 2012 took three Fords. When First decided to withdrawn from London operations, the Transit Connect van stayed in the group by transferring to First Essex. The two Transit vans (which differed in length and livery application) passed to the new operators of the former First garages. Both were shown on LTSV when fairly new and carrying First branding. Today I am showing them both again. SP12LUO was a long-wheelbase van based at Lea Interchange. As such it became a Tower Transit vehicle in 2013. As well as a change of lettering it has also gained a light-bar and on 21st September 2016 it was found parked at Walthamstow Bus Station. I was surprised to discover recently that Lea Interchange is now the largest bus garage in London, with a current allocation of around 280 buses. Conversely, Westbourne Park (also a Tower Transit garage) has dropped right down from being one of the biggest to having to just 45 buses.
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