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Date added to site:30/01/14
Details: The destination of the Unimog road-rail trucks that left Acton Works on 21st January 2014 was... Acton Museum Depot. They were photographed in the yard there (from Hearne House) on the 28th. I doubt this is their final move though. The Museum could want one, either for use or preservation, but surely they wouldn't want them both. Further developments are awaited. This photograph does show that, apart from some badging differences, and the front coupling on L85, the two trucks are very similar.
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DamonThese are indeed now in the possession of the LTM. It seems that they were deemed redundant by LUL and policy dictates that they have to be offered to the LTM. The LTM thought ''crikey they could come in handy'' so had them. They need a bit of work to make them usable but at least one has a future as a Depot shunter at Acton I believe. Look out for them at the open day in the middle of March!Sun 02/02/14, 20:26