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Details: The Peugeot 504 pick-up was one of the first 'foreign' models to appear in the leased fleet, the first arriving in 1987. In 1989 six were delivered as numbers 3722P-3727P for use by bus garages in east London. They were evidently acceptable since they were replaced by similar 4205P-4209P in 1992. Only five were needed due to the closure of West Ham garage in 1992, although it is notable that number 4210 was never applied to anything else. Perhaps a sixth was ordered and later cancelled. Anyway, the replacements differed in being fitted with tail-lifts, quite unusual for vehicles of this size. 4206P was allocated to Seven Kings garage, where it was photographed on 12th January 1993, still looking pristine. Seven Kings closed two months later and 4206P was moved to Barking. Most of the Peugeots passed to Stagecoach London upon privatisation and one lasted until 2005.
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