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Photographer / Copyright: Thomas Young
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Date added to site:18/08/12
Details: Almost half of London United's 22 new Ford Fiesta vans are based at Hounslow Heath Garage. They can be seen frequently visiting Hatton Cross Bus Station, or you can go to Hounslow Heath and take a walk down Green Lane to see them at home. This photograph, taken from the garage gates on 11th August 2012, shows 7 of the 10 Fiestas based here, and in fact FF1 through FF9 were seen within a few minutes. No sign of FF10 though, nor of the new Ford Transit van supposed to be allocated here. What was visible was the previous engineers van, Ford Transit S169TOC. This was SORN'd (declared as being off the road) several months before. We soon discovered that lots of other withdrawn London United service vehicles were still on company premises, about a dozen being found in a yard in Harlesden.
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