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Photographer / Copyright: Glyn Matthews
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Date added to site:06/08/12
Details: Sovereign Recovery's Volvo GN06CNZ (named Vulcan) has been shown here before. However, as Glyn pointed out, this photo does serve to illustrate the steady growth in the use of hybrid-powered buses in London. On tow at Trafalgar Square on 24th April 2012 is one of 26 ADL Enviro 400 hybrid buses used by Stagecoach London on route 15. Following just behind is a Wright-bodied Volvo B5LH hybrid of London Central, working on route 12. While the first batches of hybrids for London had a modified livery featuring green leaves around the lower parts of the body, more recent deliveries have just had green 'hybrid' lettering added. Despite my publishing 2 photographs of broken-down hybrids today, reports from the operators suggest that the latest vehicles have better reliability and efficiency than conventional buses.
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