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Date added to site:11/06/12
Details: Despite many 73xx numbers having yet to appear, the first 74xx vehicles arrived in April 2012. The highest numbers to date are on a small batch of Ford Transit crew vans for Tube Lines. Three have been seen so far (7430F to 7432F) and they are rather unusual. They are all white and have Yorkshire registrations (implying a conversion by Clarkes of Doncaster). 7431F was found parked on Drummond Street (Euston) on 6th June 2012 and we were able to take a closer look. The forward section of the van has windows on both sides, and a table with four seats around it. The rear section is enclosed. However, the ventilators on the roof, along with the hand-wash box visible on the bulkhead, and the large rear step, would suggest that these are staff welfare (i.e. toilet) vans. Two of the vans had been seen at Frank Pick House, while this example was parked with other lifts and escalators vehicles. Quite why such vehicles are needed when Tube Lines already has a large fleet of welfare vans is not clear.
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