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Photographer / Copyright: John Hillman
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Date added to site:04/10/10
Details: This vehicle has been illustrated before, but not in this form. Ford D0710 lorry BNJ92T was bought by London Country in 1979 as their fleetnumber 35F. It was given the body from one of the four Ford Thames Trader tree-loppers inherited from London Transport (1241F-1244F). Comparison with photographs of the latter vehicles (such as 1241F and similar 1245F) show that several changes were made. Most noticeable a cut-out was provided above the cab, due to the tilting cab fitted to the D series. The shape of the side valances supporting the overhang was changed from curved to angled, while the main body skirting seems to have been lowered considerably. 35F was photographed at Hemel Hempstead garage on 19th June 1982, with an unidentified D-series lorry behind. In December 1984 both 34F and 35F were given new tree-lopper bodies of a boxier design.
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